Workshop on Stochastic Morphometrics 2022

Center for Computational Evolutionary Morphometry
8-10 June 2022, Copenhagen, Denmark

The field of morphometrics – the quantitative analysis of shape and form – is rapidly developing in the methodological domain, in availability of large scale datasets, and in the biological information that can be derived from morphological traits. This includes correlating morphological variation with genetic information, generating ancestral shapes from modern observations, statistical inference of phylogenies based on morphological data, and the application of modern machine learning techniques for image processing, feature extraction, and large scale data processing. On the mathematical side, the description of full shapes now allows stochastic modeling of shape dynamics and inference of stochastic shape models.

With this workshop, we aim to bring together researchers in the above fields focusing on advanced morphometrics, large scale digital data sets, and recent advances in mathematical modeling of shape variation to develop phylogenetic inference techniques for full shapes.

The workshop is hosted by the Center for Computational Evolutionary Morphometry (CCEM) and the connected Stochastic Morphometry project. The first day marks the official opening of CCEM, with keynote talks by Joe Felsenstein (UW) and Doug Boyer (Duke/MorphoSource).


Wednesday June 8, 2022

15:00-15:30: Opening, introduction to CCEM and the Stochastic morphometry project: PIs Stefan Sommer (UCPH) and Rasmus Nielsen (UCPH/Berkeley).
See recorded presentation
15:30-16:15: Keynote: Doug Boyer (MorphoSource/Duke University):
Morphology 3D Data: Initiating Virtuous Cycles“. See recorded keynote
16:15- 17:00: Keynote: Joe Felsenstein and Fred Bookstein (University of Washington; virtual):
Insight into old and new methods: geometric morphometrics and phylogenetic inference from a linear maximum likelihood point of view“. See recorded keynote
17:00-17:20: Speeches by department heads, DIKU, GLOBE and BIO
17:20- : Opening reception with light food

Thursday June 9, 2022

13:00-13:45: Kim Steenstrup Pedersen (Digital Collections, Natural History Museum Denmark):
Digitisation of Natural History Collections in Denmark – State of affairs and plans for the future“. See recorded presentation
13:45-14:30: Julie Winchester (MorphoSource/Duke University):
Supporting and strengthening 3D morphometric data pipelines from production to analysis with MorphoSource digital repository infrastructure“.
See recorded presentation
14:30-14:45: break
14:45-15:30: Michael Collyer (geomorph/Chatham University):
Extending computational frontiers in landmark-based geometric morphometric methods“. See recorded presentation
15:30-16:00: Doug Boyer (MorphoSource/Duke University):
Automated Shape Alignment and Registration“. See recorded presentation

Friday June 10, 2022


The workshop is open for all interested participants.

Venue and online participation

The workshop will take place at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark at the faculty of SCIENCE, Universitetsparken 13 and 15:

Day 1: Universitetsparken 13, Auditorium 1
Day 2: Universitetsparken 15, Auditorium A
Day 3: Universitetsparken 13, Auditorium 3

Online participation will be possible via this link:

1: August Krogh Building. Auditorium 1 ground floor (program 8 June) and Auditorium 3 first floor (program 10 June 13-16 PM)
3: BIO Building 1 Auditorium A ground floor (program 9 June 13-16 PM)


For general inquiries please contact Christine S. Andersen.