Math on Long Island

Workshop on Shape Analysis
24-30 July 2022, Langeland, Denmark

The workshop continues a series of summer workshops gathering leading experts in geometry, shape analysis, fluid dynamics, geometric mechanics and stochastics to discuss current research topics, work on open research problems, and develop future research directions.

Themes of the workshop were geometry, shape analysis, fluid dynamics, stochastics on manifolds and geometric statistics.

Workshop series history

This is the 9th instance of a series of workshops, which includes these previous workshops:

  • Math on the Beach – Shape Analysis Workshop in Foxton Beach, New Zealand, 2013.
  • Math in the Cabin – Shape Analysis Workshop in Bad Gastein, Austria, 2014.
  • Math on the Rocks – Shape Analysis Workshop in Grundsund, Sweden, 2015. (website)
  • Math in the Mine – Shape Analysis Workshop in Tende, France, 2016.
  • Math in the Countryside – Shape Analysis Workshop in Skrunda, Latvia, 2017.
  • Math in the Black Forest – Shape Analysis Workshop in Feldberg, Black Forest, Germany, 2018 (website)
  • Math in the Desert – Shape Analysis Workshop in Utah, USA, 2019
  • Math in the Cloud – Shape Analysis Workshop, virtual due to Corona, 2020


Attendance of the workshop is by invitation. 16 confirmed attendees from PhD student to professor level participated in the workshop:

Steve Preston, Brooklyn College
FX Vialard, Université Gustave Eiffel
Peter Michor, Universität Wien
Philipp Harms, NTU Singapore
Sarang Joshi, University of Utah
Boris Khesin, Univeristy of Toronta
Martin Bauer, Florida State University
Cy Maor, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Nicolas Charon, Johns Hopkins
Stefan Sommer, UCPH
Karen Habermann, University of Warwick
Tom Needham, Florida State University
James Benn, INRIA Sophia-Antipolis
Morten Pedersen, INRIA Sophia-Antipolis, UCPH
Libby Baker, UCPH
Thomas Besnier, University of Central Lille

Workshop format

  • talks generally using whiteboards, without slides, and with focus on open problems
  • discussions and feedback
  • possibility for collaboration.

Host and organizer

For further information, please contact organizer Stefan Sommer.