Center for Computational Evolutionary Morphometry

The center for computational evolutionary morphometry (CCEM) at the University of Copenhagen brings together leading experts from evolutionary biology, computer science and mathematical modelling to take further Darwin’s quest for knowledge on change of animal and human morphology over time with modern mathematical and computational tools. We wish to gain phylogenetic information from observed morphological evolution and push forward stochastic shape analysis methodology enabling computation and statistical inference in stochastic shape models.

By way of this cross-disciplinary collaboration that combines full shape analysis, stochastic and statistical shape modelling and phylogenetic inference, we aim to identify evolutionary trends across the Tree of Life, revealing new patterns of biodiversity, lineage and kinships between species.



Open positions for CCEM hosted projects will be posted on this page.


The centre is supported by the Villum Foundation, the Novo Nordisk Foundation, and the UCPH Strategy funds for interdisciplinary research.